Curriculum Vitae

Lance J. Bachmeier
Department of Economics
Waters Hall 321
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Office Phone: 785-532-4578

Date Updated: January 5, 2024

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Ph.D., Economics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 2002.
B.S., Economics, Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD, 1997.


Kansas State University
   Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, August 2004-present.
   Director of Graduate Studies, 2018-present.
Sogang University, Visiting Professor, January 2012-July 2012.
East Carolina University, Assistant Professor, August 2002-July 2004.

Editorial Activity

Co-Editor, Energy Economics, 2017-present.
Editorial Board, Energy Research Letters, 2020-present.
Editorial Board, Quantitative Finance and Economics, 2017-present.
Co-Editor, Global Commodity Issues, 2014-2017.
Associate Editor, Energy Economics, 2013-2016.


Bachmeier, Lance J. and Benjamin D. Keen. “Modeling the Asymmetric Effects of an Oil Price Shock,” International Journal of Central Banking, 2023, 19(3) 1-47, (lead article).

Pozo, Veronica F., Lance J. Bachmeier, and Ted C. Schroeder. “Are there price asymmetries in the US beef market?” Journal of Commodity Markets 21 (2021): 100127.

Bachmeier, Lance and Michael Plante, “Oil Prices and the Macroeconomy,” Routledge Handbook of Energy Economics, 2019.

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Bachmeier, Lance, Bebonchu Atems, and Corey Williams, “Do Jet Fuel Price Movements Help Forecast Airline Fares and the Demand for Air Travel?” Applied Economics Letters, June 2019, 26, 877-882.

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Bachmeier, Lance, “The Price of Oil,” Journal of Economic Literature, September 2016 (book review).

Pozo, Veronica F., Ted C. Schroeder, and Lance Bachmeier, “Asymmetric Price Transmission in the U.S. Beef Market: New Evidence from New Data.” Proceedings of the NCCC-134 Conference on Applied Commodity Price Analysis, Forecasting, and Market Risk Management. St. Louis, MO, 2014.

Bachmeier, Lance, “Identification in Models of Gasoline Pricing”, Economics Letters, 2013, 120, 71-73.

Bachmeier, Lance and Inkyung Cha, “Why Don’t Oil Shocks Cause Inflation? Evidence From Disaggregate Inflation Data,” Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 43, September 2011, 1165-1183.

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Bachmeier, Lance, “The State of Macroeconomic Forecasting,” International Journal of Forecasting, 2005 (invited).

Bachmeier, Lance, Patrick Gaughan, and Norman R. Swanson, “The Volume of Federal Litigation and the Macroeconomy,” International Review of Law and Economics, June 2004.

Bachmeier, Lance and James Griffin, “New Evidence on Asymmetric Gasoline Price Responses,” Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2003, 85, 772-776.

Bachmeier, Lance and Qi Li, “Is the Term Structure Nonlinear? A Semiparametric Investigation,” Applied Economics Letters, February 2002, 151-153.

Presentations/Conference Participation

University of Nevada, Reno, NV, September 2019.
Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings, Tampa, FL, November 2017.
Western Economic Association Meetings, Denver, CO, June 2014.
Sogang University, Seoul, Korea, May 2012.
Midwest Econometrics Group, St. Louis University, October 2007.
MVEA Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO, October 2007.
Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings, Washington, DC, November 2005.
Conference in Honor of Clive Granger, La Jolla, CA, January 2004.
East Carolina University, December 2003.
Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings, San Antonio, TX, November 2003.
East Carolina University, December 2002.
Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings, Tampa, FL, November 2001.
Econometrics Workshop, Texas A&M University, October 2001.
Macroeconomics Workshop, Texas A&M University, May 2001.
Texas Camp Econometrics, Boerne, TX, February 2001.
Applied Micro/Public/Labor Workshop, Texas A&M University, October 2000.

Professional Activity

Referee: Applied Economics, B.E. Journals, CESifo Economic Studies, China Economic Review, Contemporary Economic Policy, Econometrics Journal, Economic Inquiry, Economics Bulletin, Economics Letters, EMFT Journal, Empirical Economics, Energy Economics, Energy Journal, Energy Policy, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, International Journal of Forecasting, International Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Economics, Journal of Economics and Business, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Political Economy, National Science Foundation, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Industrial Organization, Southern Economic Journal, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, World Development.
Member: American Economic Association.

Graduate Student Advising: PhD (Chair or Co-Chair)

Ali Lashgari (in progress)
Tomi Shodipe (in progress)
Modhi Albaqami (2023)
Meznah Albaqami (2023)
Naafey Sardar (2020)
   Initial Placement: Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Moayad Al Rasasi (2016)
   Initial Placement: Central Bank of Saudi Arabia
Soheil Nadimi (2015)
   Initial Placement: University of West Florida, Research Scientist-Economic Analyst
Mark Melichar (2013)
   Initial Placement: Tennessee Tech, tenure track
Vladimir Bejan (2012)
   Initial Placement: Seattle University, tenure track
Eddery Lam (2012)
   Current Position: Rochester Institute of Technology, tenure track
Bebonchu Atems (2011)
   Initial Placement: Clarkson University, tenure track
Mofleh Al-Shogeathri (2011)
   Initial Placement: King Saud University, tenure track
Yaseen Alhaj-Yaseen (2010)
   Current Position: Westminster College, tenure track

Graduate Student Advising: PhD (Committee Member)

Precious Allor (in progress)
Kinza Khan (in progress)
Benazir Basharat (in progress)
Jehu Metta (in progress)
George Anaman (2023)
Norikatsu Hiraidea (2021)
Kazi Rahman (Ag Econ, 2020)
Kayode Ajewole (Ag Econ, 2019)
Quazi Fidiah Farah (2018)
Haydory Akbar Ahmed (2017)
Iqbal Ahmed (2017)
Melissa Lynes (Ag Econ, 2015)
Hedieh Shadmani (2015)
Eugenio Paulo (2015)
Brian Sancewich (Ag Econ, 2014)
Veronica Pozo (Ag Econ, 2014)
Charles Patrick Scott (2013)
Lee Schulz (Ag Econ, 2012)
Waheed Banafia (2012)
Yuan Gao (2009)
Canh Le (2009)
Ruben Sargsyan (2008)
Bhavneet Walia (2008)
Shin-jae Kang (2008)
John Riley (Ag Econ, 2008)
Mehmet Celebi (2007)
Bandar Aba Alkhail (2007)
Ebrahim Merza (2007)

Graduate Student Advising: MA

Tennecia Dacass (2017): Committee Member
Shu Zhou (2016): Chair
Ben Reker (2014): Committee Member
Changyou Wei (2012): Committee Member
Yahya Alyafai (2011): Committee Member
Austin Graham (2010): Chair
Rashmi Dhankar (2010): Chair
Saad Ahmad (2010): Committee Member
Bakhitbay Embergenov (2009): Chair
Adriana Samaniego (2009): Committee Member
Ramil Mehdeyev (2007): Committee Member
Haiqing Zhang (2006): Committe Member
Danhua Wu (2005): Committee Member

Advising: Outside Chair

Derek Sensenig (Financial Planning, 2021)
Adrian Correndo (Agronomy, 2021)
Joy Clady (Financial Planning, 2020)
Phillip Bressie (Mathematics, 2019)
Richard Stebbins (Financial Planning, 2019)
Kumarsinh Jhala (Electrical Engineering, 2018)
NaRita Anderson (Financial Planning, 2018)
Melia Pfannenstiel (Security Studies, 2015)
Antonio Asebedo (Agronomy, 2015)
Matthew McDonough (History, 2011)
Orlandrew Danzel (Security Studies, 2011)