How To Contact Me

Note: If you are interested in our graduate program, please read this first. My standard response to informational inquiries about the graduate program is a short email with a link to that page. You can save some time by clicking the link now.

Twitter. You can tweet at me @LanceBachmeier. I still do things the way we did back in the early days of Twitter, following back as long as you’re not a racist or some other form of lunatic. (That, along with interaction, sadly doesn’t seem to be a common practice in 2020.) I promptly unfollow anyone that sends me a bunch of DMs asking me to buy products, like them on Facebook, or any of that.

Email. You can send an email to my work address. Note that I’m rarely in my office right now due to the pandemic.

Special message for textbook salesfolk and others trying to get money out of students: Any email messages you send to me will be immediately deleted. I’m too busy to read your marketing materials. If you have sent more than three pieces of email, there’s almost certainly a filter that deletes your messages automatically.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not interested in meeting with you to discuss principles of economics textbooks that I can use in my graduate field courses, and I’m not going to schedule a 20 minute phone chat to talk about my teaching needs. Exceptions are made for salesfolk paying my consulting rate of $250/hour, billed in one hour increments, as long as you pay in advance.

Snail Mail. You can send snail mail to:

Lance Bachmeier
Department of Economics
Waters Hall 321
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

By Phone. Just kidding. Please don’t do that.