Practical Skills That Practical Data Scientists Need

Interesting blog post about the set of skills that one "data scientist" uses in practice.

While a lot of these posts contain job-specific and employer-specific information, you still get a sense of what employers want. I will use the information about SQL to shape my undergraduate econometrics lectures related to database. He lists the following as "essential SQL concepts and functions that I find necessary":

Although I don't use databases very much in my own work (text files work just as well for my small datasets, they're easy to track/backup in a Git repo, and any coauthors can use them trivially), just about every employer I've talked to has mentioned SQL as a necessary skill. This will make a nice reference point as I redesign my course. Now if only I could figure out the most effective way to teach students about cleaning up messy data...

Last Update: 2016-02-24

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